We're Celebrating Our 70th Year in Business!

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We're Celebrating Our 70th Year in Business!

Chippindale Plant / April 2019

We're delighted to announce that we are celebrating our 70th year in business, officially on April 26th 2019. We're incredibly proud to have reached where we have, and it's given us a great excuse to have a little celebration and a look back on our history!

The Chippindale Journey began way back in 1949, when Wilfred Chippindale founded the business with a small pocket of cash (£100) and a desire to conquer the market. He'd already excelled at his previous job at Millers Mixer's where he was known as the Mixer King! This drive and passion for the industry was what led to the creation of Chippindale's; back then we were known as Chippindale Engineers.

Over the years we grew and grew, moulding our fleet into what it is today. We started out selling concrete and pumps, but after only a few years in the game, Wilfred had expanded Chippindale's into a full plant hire fleet. In fact it was only a few years until 1953 before Brian Chippindale joined, shortly followed by Gordon Chippindale in 1955 - Wilfreds vision of a customer-focused plant hire & sales business was taking off.

However, our major growth period happened around 2002, now with Nigel and Peter Chippindale at the helm when we began expanding over the North of England. After establishing ourselves in the region, we focused on bringing our infrastructure in line with new computer systems, upgraded hire fleet products, better servicing capabilities and most importantly listening to our customers. Despite the rocky and turbulent times of the recession, we managed to pull through thanks to our amazing customers, and a few years later our efforts were recognised by Yorkshire Post two years on the trot for our exceptional growth and the London Stock Exchange named us as one of the top 1000 companies to Inspire Britain.

We don't stop moving over here, and I'm not talking about our terrible dance moves after a couple of sherberts. We're talking about moving with the times and listening to our customers; we've got 70 years of practice now and here's to the next 70!

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