Our Service Standards

Our Commitment to Exceptional Service Standards

We understand that delivering outstanding service is essential to our customer's success, and this page serves as our pledge to uphold the highest standards in every aspect of our operations. From prompt responsiveness to transparent communication and reliable equipment, we strive to exceed expectations and provide an unparalleled experience for all our clients.

Prompt Responsiveness

We Service Twice The Industry Standard

At Chippindale Plant, we prioritise premium market-leading equipment that is serviced after every hire because reliability is one of the most important things to our clients and to keeping projects running smoothly. Our manufacturer-trained engineers do a full-service check sheet after every single hire before allowing the machine to go out again, and the service checksheets are provided with our paperwork - to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Transparent Practices

Clear and Honest Communication

Transparency is at the core of our service standards. We believe in fostering trust and building strong relationships with our clients. Through clear and honest communication, we provide comprehensive information about our services, pricing, equipment specifications and most importantly about your on-going hires and deliveries - you can rely on us to stick to our word. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you have all the necessary details to make informed decisions and experience a seamless hiring or sales process.

Customer Satisfaction

Going Above and Beyond

At Chippindale Plant, customer satisfaction is paramount. We go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations. From providing expert advice and tailored solutions to offering ongoing support, our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout your journey with us. Every delivery or call-out is a race and is as important to us as it is to you. Our service standards reflect our unwavering commitment to your success, and we continually strive to deliver outstanding customer experiences that set us apart in the construction hire and sales industry.

Best in the business

Premium Quality and Well-Maintained Machinery

Our dedication to service excellence extends to the premium quality and reliability of our equipment. We make large annual investments into the best equipment so our customers have the best hire experience and productivity on the market. We uphold strict maintenance standards to ensure that all machinery available for hire or sale is in excellent working condition. By regularly inspecting, servicing, and upgrading our equipment, we guarantee reliable performance, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity for your construction projects.

Have a question or need to contact us?

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