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About Attachment Hire

Customer-focused attachment hire with on-site fit & calibration included

Chippindale Plant is one of the leading independent providers of construction equipment and excavator attachments in the North of England and beyond. We take pride in our customer-focused service, its the reason why we offer professional fitting and calibration on all orders, we don't just drop and run, we make sure you're fully setup and working before we leave - its the little things that make the difference. We also hire and sell a vast range of market-leading equipment across our 4 divisions: Plant, Tools Excavator Attachments and Site Accommodation.

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Our Excavator Attachment Hire FAQs

Learn more about Chippindale's excavator attachment hire process with the frequently asked questions below. For more information, you can also speak to one of our expert team members.

01 I’m interested in your excavator attachment hire, what’s the process?

If you’d like more information about our excavator attachments for hire, or you’re ready to start the hire process, simply select “Enquire Now” next to a piece of machinery. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure which attachment you need, or if you need more than one. At this point, you’ll just fill in a short form and then a member of our team will get in touch. If you’d prefer, you could give us a call or drop down to our depot to speak to one of our dedicated team (our depots are open 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

Our team knows everything there is to know about our excavator attachment hire, so if you want some advice on the most efficient choices for your project, they will be more than happy to provide this. They can also conduct a free site audit and provide recommendations based on this. Once you’re happy with the excavator attachment hire plan in place, they will get everything arranged for you. This could be hiring a single excavator attachment, creating a plan to hire a sequence of different excavators over the course of your project, or hiring attachments alongside other machinery, whether it’s actual excavator hire, other plant equipment hire, tool hire or site cabin hire. Our team is here to find the right solution, no matter how big and small, whether it’s one telehandler for hire or a full site’s worth of machinery and equipment.

We can then start the account setup:

If you’re a new customer, you’ll need to fill out a new account set up form. We will also need your ‘hired-in plant insurance’, or if you don’t have it, we can organise HireSecure for you for an additional 20% charge. This process takes 1-2 days, although if you want to start your hire sooner, we will do our best to get everything sorted.

We will then appoint an account manager who will know every detail of your project. They will be on hand throughout your hire to answer any questions or help with any requirements, whether that’s a phone call or a visit to site.

We will then deliver the excavator attachment hire to the site, calibrating all attachments so everything is ready to use. If you have any questions or queries about the attachments throughout the hire process, simply give the depot a call and you’ll be in touch with our small, dedicated team who will already know your hire plan through and through. At this point, if you think you require an additional or different attachment, this can also be arranged.

We can also provide ‘live-hire’ reports, along with useful invoicing and reporting features, which are particularly helpful for larger construction projects.

Once you’re finished with the excavator attachment hire, give our team a call and we will come to collect it. We will pause all charges whilst we have a debrief to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your experience. We will then look forward to hopefully working with you again in the future.

The majority of our new customers become repeat customers for years to come, which we believe is a testament to the passion of our team.

02 What types of excavator attachments can I hire?

We have many categories of excavator attachments for hire, and within these categories a vast range of options to find the ideal attachment for the needs of your project. As a result, we’re confident that we have what you need to get the results you’re looking for. Our team will be more than happy to advise on the right choice for you.

One of our categories is our hydraulic breaker hire, featuring industry leading Epiroc equipment that transformed the construction and mining industries. With over 75 years of experience, we’ve seen this equipment evolve and innovate, whilst continuing to be the best that the industry has to offer. Suitable for excavators from 1 tonne through to 50 tonnes, from light breakers ideal for small demolition jobs through to heavy breakers designed for quarry use, this sector of our excavator attachment hire is exceptional.

Our full range of excavator attachments for hire features everything from crusher buckets for hire to rotational grapples, augers to fixed pulverisers and pallet forks to concrete skips.

03 Why choose our excavator attachment hire over other providers?

We invest heavily in industry leading equipment across our plant hire fleet, including for our excavator attachment hire division, which always ensures safe, reliable and highly efficient machinery for your project - we specialise in the industries top-performing attachments and won’t accept second best. However, the thing that really sets us apart from other providers is our commitment to exceptional customer care. With over 7 decades of experience in plant hire, we know what it takes to provide the best experience. From the moment you speak to our team, you will see what we mean, as they are so passionate about what we do and know every detail about every piece of machinery.

You’ll never be in touch with a pushy sales team, but our experts who simply want to find the right solution for your project. Whether you want to sort your excavator attachment hire over the phone, or would prefer to come down to our depots for an in-person chat, we know that our team will instantly make you feel comfortable and will use their expertise to exceed expectations.

04 Will your attachments fit on the excavator I own?

If you own an excavator and are looking for attachments to hire to expand the potential of your machinery, we’re the right choice for you. We have a wide range of head brackets available, meaning we can fit to any excavator. When we deliver your excavator attachment hire equipment to the site, our team will calibrate every attachment to make sure you’re cooking on gas before we leave. Throughout your project, if you require multiple attachments at different points, we can come out to deliver them, collect the other attachment, calibrate the new one and you’re good to go.

There are no strict time restraints with us in terms of how long you hire equipment for. After we’ve delivered, you can keep the excavator attachments for as long as you need, then simply give us a call when you’re ready for a different attachment or when you’ve completed the project. When we put together your excavator attachment hire plan, we will map out the different pieces of equipment you will need and a rough time estimate so we make sure that the attachments you need are ready and waiting at the depot.

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