Working With Customers To Add Value

Over 75 Years Of Experience In Industry

Getting The Job Done Right

Working With Customers To Add Value

Over 75 Years Of Experience In Industry

Getting The Job Done Right

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Kinshofer Clam Shell Digging Bucket

  • A narrow design (for use in restricted spaces)
  • High breakout force (easy and efficient digging)
  • Full 360-degree rotation (precise excavation, handling, and loading)
  • Torsion-resistant shells (high durability)
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Our Clamshell Bucket Hire FAQs

Our experts can help you find the right machinery for your products, but for any FAQs, find out more below:

01 What is the clamshell bucket hire process like for new customers?

When you first get in touch, either by selecting “Enquire Now” next to a piece of machinery, give us a call, send an email or come down to one of our depots, open 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday. You’ll be in touch with one of our expert team members, never a sales person, who will be able to advise on the right clamshell bucket hire for your project, along with other plant hire machinery if that’s required. This also includes site cabin hire if that is needed for your project. We will put together a hire plan, then from here, we can start the new customer account setup:

You will fill out a new account form, as well as provide us with your ‘hired-in plant ’insurance. If you don’t currently have this, that’s no problem, we can arrange it at an additional charge of 20%.

At this point, we will assign your account manager. They will be available throughout your clamshell hire for any requirements you have, whether it’s a quick phone call to arrange additional hire or a visit to site.

On the arranged date, we will deliver your clamshell bucket hire equipment, along with anything else on your hire plan. Our engineers will ensure all attachments are fully calibrated, and any other setup is complete. You’ll always be cooking with gas before we leave the site.

Throughout your clamshell bucket hire, we can send ‘live-hire’ reports and also useful invoicing information, if it would be helpful. We tend to find that this is particularly useful for larger construction projects.

Finally, once your project is complete, simply give us a call and we will collect all of the machinery. There is no need to let us know when you’ll be finished until your project is complete. We will pause all charges when you call, then arrange to collect the clamshell bucket hire equipment as soon as possible.

02 Which excavators can your clamshell buckets to hire be attached to?

We have a wide range of head brackets available to ensure that our clamshell bucket hire equipment can be attached to any excavator. If you require excavator attachment hire alongside the clamshell bucket, this can very easily be arranged. When the clamshell bucket, along with other machinery if needed, is delivered to site, one of our engineers will calibrate it, so you’re ready to start work straight away without any interruptions.

03 Why choose Chippindale for your clamshell bucket hire?

At Chippindale, we have over 75 years experience working in the plant and equipment hire industry. Starting as a small family business, we have come a long way, but still keep those core values at the centre of everything we do. We never hire sales people, but only passionate team members who really care about what we do and are extremely knowledgeable in the field. We invest heavily in the safest, most reliable and effective machinery, and this combined with our experience, ensures you will have the most efficient experience possible. From our years in the industry, our team knows exactly what it takes to provide great customer service, and you’ll never experience anything less when you choose Chippindale for your clamshell bucket hire.

04 How long can you hire the clamshell buckets for?

Our clamshell bucket hire is available for as long as you need it. From short projects to ones lasting for months or even years, we can arrange the clamshell bucket hire to suit you. There is no need to give us a precise end date for when you think you’ll be finished with the equipment, you can simply give us a call, we will pause all charges and collect the clamshell bucket as soon as possible. We understand that projects can take longer than you expected, so are more than happy to accommodate your needs.