Working With Customers To Add Value

Over 75 Years Of Experience In Industry

Getting The Job Done Right

Working With Customers To Add Value

Over 75 Years Of Experience In Industry

Getting The Job Done Right

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Hydraulic Augers 1.5 - 20T

  • Hard-wearing parts
  • ‘Auger Torque Planetary Gearbox’
  • Non-Dislodgement Shaft (safer work environment)
  • 2-way valve for single circuit and auxiliary flow
  • Full retaining of spoils on flight after exit
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Our Post Auger Hire FAQs

Learn more about our post auger hire with our FAQs below.

01 I’m a new customer, what does the post hole borer hire process look like?

If you’re interested in our post auger hire, simply select “Add to enquiry form” next to one of the pieces of machinery. For those of you who aren’t completely sure, enquire about any product and we can discuss your requirements further, you certainly won’t be held to just that equipment. If you’d prefer to speak with someone directly, give us a call or come down to one of our depots between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. A good cuppa and proper biscuit will be waiting.

From here, you can discuss your project with one of our experts, never sales people, but highly experienced members of our team who want to help you find the right solution. Whether you just need post auger hire, you need to hire an excavator alongside it or you need a range of different plant hire machinery, this can also be arranged. Whether you need assistance selecting the right equipment or you know exactly what you need, our team is there to help.
Once you’re happy with the post auger hire plan in place, we can start the new account setup:

If you’re a new customer, you will need to fill out a new account form, as well as show your ‘hired-in’ insurance. Don’t worry if you don’t have this, we can arrange HireSecure cover at an additional 20% charge.

We will then assign your account manager. If throughout your post auger hire you have a question at any point, you can contact your account manager directly. They will be available for a call to help with any requirements you have and can also come out to site if needed.

It’s the time for us to deliver your post hole borer hire equipment, along with any other excavator attachments or machinery you require, to the site. Our engineers will calibrate your auger hire attachment to the excavator, to ensure you’re cooking with gas before we leave.

We can send ‘live-hire’ reports throughout your hole borer hire, along with useful invoicing information, which tend to be especially helpful for larger construction projects.

Projects sometimes run over, and we understand, so we never ask for a date when you’ll be finished with the post auger hire, instead, just give us a call and we will collect the machinery. We will pause all charges from when you call and then invoice accordingly.

02 What size excavators are your post augers to hire compatible with?

Our post augers to hire can be attached to any size excavator, as we have a vast range of head brackets available. You can either hire an excavator from us, or we can fit the post auger to your own excavator. With every post auger hire, an engineer will come to your site to calibrate the attachment and ensure everything is running smoothly to prevent any disruptions in your project.

03 Why choose Chippindale for post hole borer hire?

Something that really sets our post auger hire apart is our level of customer service. We have decades of experience in the plant, attachment and tool hire business, meaning we know what it takes to give our customers the best experience. From the initial phone call to setting up your hire plan, introducing your account manager and finalising the invoices, every step of the process you’ll be met with friendly and professional people who want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Starting as a small family business, an important part of our history, we keep those core values at the centre of everything we do.

04 What brands of equipment do you offer?

At Chippindale, we invest heavily in our machinery, including our post hole borer hire equipment, Across our hire fleet, we provide machinery from Volvo, Atlas Copco, Epiroc, BOMAG, Mecalac and Stihl. This is not just based on the name, but we have worked with machinery from these brands for decades and know that you will be accessing the safest, most efficient and most reliable experience possible. This also ensures you access the best results.