Forst Woodchippers Added To Hire Fleet

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Forst Woodchippers Added To Hire Fleet

Chippindale Plant / December 2020

Cutting back tree's and large shrubs in the garden can often be a real hassle due to to the amount of garden waste produced and we know it all too well. Now the traditional method of stuffing all the branches into your brown bin is far from ideal and many of our customers from professional landscapers to at-home gardeners have been utilising our woodchipper hire to get around this and make short work of the job at hand.

For this reason, we've decided to expand our range of shredders with 6 further heavy-duty petrol wood chippers from leading manufacturer Forst. Just like Greenmech, the new equipment from Forst is built for professional work and has been rated one of the best woodchipper brands currently available in the UK.

Quite simply, hiring a woodchipper will allow you to convert any excess wood and vegetation into sawdust within a matter of seconds allowing for quick and easy disposal.

The new wood chippers we've added to the hire fleet are:-

  • Forst 6" - Road Tow Wood Chipper
  • Forst 7.5" - Road Tow Wood Chipper
  • Forst 7.5" - Tracked Wood Chipper
  • Forst 8" - Fixed Track Wood Chipper

Now, these are slightly different from the Greenmech machines and if you're wondering which is best suited to your specific task just let us know and the team will make some recommendations for your project. These shredders are now available from all of our hire shops across the united kingdom.

We're super happy to bring Forst on board, they hold a stellar reputation in the industry and are a great example of true British build quality, based in the UK everything is designed and built right around the corner. Which means these shredders are heavy-duty and most importantly dependable, which is a key focus for us here at Chippindale's because we know our customers depend on our equipment to get the job done without delay.

If you're interested in wood chipper hire or finding out more about the Forst and/or Greenmech chippers we've got available for hire; then just drop an enquiry above and one of the team will be straight in touch.

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