Fuel Store Units - Protect against on-site fuel theft

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Fuel Store Units - Protect against on-site fuel theft

Chippindale Plant / April 2022

The red & white diesel changes to fuel legislation made on the 1st of April, has unfortunately led to construction sites up and down the UK experiencing a sharp rise in fuel theft.

It's something that's been noted across the industry and our customers alike, so we've sought to create a lockable custom steel store unit for bowsers/fuel tanks to allow you to secure fuel on site. We wanted the unit to be safe to use, affordable and quick & easy to get on site.

They will comfortably fit either a single 1000 or 2000 litre bowser, providing easy walk around access and simple refuelling.

These units will provide an extra layer of solid steel as protection and work excellent as a deterrent to on-site thieves. They have also been checked by our H&S team and are rated fully HSE compliant.

We are currently offering two options:-

  • Transcube bowser (1000 litre) & custom fuel store unit, for £50 p/week
  • Custom fuel store unit on its own, for £25 p/week


If the above is of interest or you know someone suffering from on-site fuel theft please just get in contact and we'll be happy to help.

These are already proving popular, so these will be available whilst stocks last.


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