Why hire a tracked dumper?

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Why hire a tracked dumper?

Chippindale Plant / October 2019

With the winter season rolling in site managers across the UK may be considering whether to take advantage of the benefits of a tracked dumper.

The debate between going for a traditional site dumper and a tracked dumper is dependant on the job and site in question. To make things easier we thought we'd run through a few scenario's where you may want to choose one over the other.

If you have a site with stable ground and you're looking to maximise spoil moved your best option will be a site dumper due to larger skip size for lower overall cost.

However, the tracked dumper comes into its own when site conditions become unfavourable, or you are working in delicate locations. Due to their extremely low ground pressure (don't quote us, but some say it can be as low as a human foot), you will find these machines ideal for working on motorway construction, reservoir roofs, pond & lake dredging and indeed any site with boggy conditions.

The benefits of tracks allow tracked dumpers to manoeuvre difficult terrain with ease including steep incline's, meaning quite simply they can go places a site dumper can't. So, it pays to do a site review on ground conditions before going to quote, so you can plan out the best route's from A to B and whether the benefits of a tracked dumper would benefit your project.

Our latest tracked dumpers also feature dual view, allowing the driver to face forwards or backwards improving visibility and safety on site.

We have Site Dumpers from 1T, all the way up to 10T and we have also recently expanded our Tracked Dumper fleet with nearly 50 units now available ranging from 0.5T up to 5T capacity including the latest Yanmar C30R's.

If you'd like to discuss your site in more detail or get some facts and figures on the brand new tracked dumpers added to the fleet last week, just drop us an enquiry.

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