Join our UEFA Euro's Fantasy Football League (£350 of prizes!)

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Join our UEFA Euro's Fantasy Football League (£350 of prizes!)

Chippindale Plant / June 2024

With the Euro's just round the corner, why not follow our national team and have some friendly competition with other customers and suppliers for a chance to win prizes. 

There are prizes for podium positions (£50, £100, £200) 

Are you ready to tackle our fantasy football challenge? 

Here's the game plan:

  1.  Draft your dream team: Channel your inner Pep Guardiola and assemble a squad that'll make Mess jealous
  2. Strategise like a pro: Swap players like Ronaldo changes his hairstyle. Keep an eye on injuries' they're the yellow cards of fantasy football. 
  3. Score big: When your striker nets a goal, celebrate like its the Euro 24 Final. Fist pumps, high-fives and maybe even a victory dance. 

To enter, first download the UEFA Gaming app, select Fantasy Football and create your dream team, once your team is created simply 'Join League' and enter 'WQGYXs'

Once you're in, all you need to do is take the podium for prize winnings!

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