Mecalac Revotruck - The Safest, Most Advanced Site Dumper | Available To Buy Now

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Mecalac Revotruck - The Safest, Most Advanced Site Dumper | Available To Buy Now

Chippindale Plant / January 2024

Unleashing the Future: Introducing the Mecalac Revotruck

The brand-new Mecalac Revotruck is out now and available for purchase. (enquire now)

In a dynamic world where innovation, sustainability and safety converge, you get the Mecalac Revotruck. This transformative breakthrough in the site dumper industry is the first notable innovation in the space for many years; blending power, efficiency, impeccable green credentials, and unique features such as a custom-built fully rotating cab are redefining the benchmarks for modern site dumpers. 

Unveiling the Powerhouse

At the heart of the Mecalac Revotruck lies a hybrid drivetrain, which significantly departs from conventional dumper designs. This ingeniously engineered hybrid system integrates a cutting-edge electric motor with a clean-burning diesel engine, which delivers unparalleled performance and sustainability.

The Revotruck refuses to compromise on power. With a robust diesel engine working harmoniously with its electric motor, this site dumper delivers impressive torque and horsepower data, tackling the most demanding on-site tasks effortlessly. Whether navigating challenging terrains or transporting heavy payloads at speed, the Mecalac Revotruck sets new standards for heavy-duty performance.

A Greener Tomorrow

Among the Revotruck's distinctive features is its unwavering commitment to a greener tomorrow and saving you money on running costs. Mecalac boldly addresses the carbon footprint of heavy-duty transportation with its revolutionary hybrid technology. Seamlessly switching between the electric motor and the diesel engine, the Revotruck minimises fuel consumption and significantly reduces harmful emissions.

As cities globally grapple with air quality issues, the Mecalac Revotruck emerges as a leader in environmental responsibility. Its low emissions profile makes it ideal for businesses seeking to align with sustainable practices and contribute to a cleaner planet and cheaper project costs.

Innovation Meets Efficiency

The Mecalac Revotruck goes beyond power and sustainability – redefining on-site efficiency. The hybrid system intelligently optimises energy usage, enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing operational costs. 

With smart technology seamlessly integrated into its design, the Revotruck ensures that every drop of fuel is utilised to its maximum potential.

The Future on Wheels

In an industry where innovation and competitive advantage is the key to success, the Mecalac Revotruck stands out as a symbol of industry progress. Alongside its impressive power and environmental credentials it also features ground-breaking new technology that further improves on the options currently in the market. 

It's main new innovations include:

  • Unique 'fully' rotating cab that allows operators to keep their vision and focus on the job, while improving safety. Further improving on dumpers such as the Wacker Neuson Dual View. 
  • Articulating chassis that intelligently keeps the Revotruck stable under a range of ground conditions, improving safety & efficiency
  • Hazard detection systems and intelligent safety features that auto-adapt to your surroundings, including the ability to use each wheel independently.
  • Reliable Perkins (55KW) engine, EU Stage V - with 500-hour service intervals (minimal downtime)
  • Fully custom-built design from the ground up




As businesses worldwide seek ways to improve their ecological footprint and streamline operations, the Mecalac Revotruck emerges as the ideal solution. It offers a perfect balance between power, sustainability, and efficiency. It's time to embark on a journey towards the future with the Mecalac Revotruck – the revolution on wheels that sets a new standard for heavy-duty excellence.

Are you ready to redefine your fleet of equipment? The Mecalac Revotruck leads the charge towards a future where havin power, sustainability, and efficiency coexist harmoniously. 

If you'd like a quote, test-drive or more information, please use the enquire now button!




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