Riddle Buckets 5 – 40 Tonnes

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Riddle Buckets 5 – 40 Tonnes



Our riddle buckets (also known as shaker buckets or skeleton buckets) are designed for attachment to 5 – 40 tonne excavators and are ideal for the sorting and processing of materials such as concrete, rock, brick, vegetation, or other debris from top soil or aggregate.

These shaker buckets have a highly durable construction with heavy-duty ribs and a thick leading edge. This means that they are very resistant to wear and highly reliable, allowing your operators to complete their tasks with confidence and reducing the likelihood of downtime on-site.

Moreover, our riddle buckets operate with high efficiency when sieving, allowing the finer material to pass at a quicker rate than similar style buckets in the industry. Naturally, this allows your operators to complete their sorting and processing tasks more efficiently and ensuring that you meet your deadlines sooner.

Altogether, our riddle buckets feature:

  • A durable construction

  • High sieving efficiency

  • Ability to complement 5 – 40 tonne excavators (great versatility)

  • Suitability to construction, demolition, quarrying, landscaping, etc

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