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Bomag BMP 8500 0.85m Trench Compactor

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  • BOMAG BMP 8500 trench compactor, available for hire.

Bomag BMP 8500 0.85m Trench Compactor


Bomag BMP 8500 0.85 metre Multipurpose remote controlled compactor available for hire. Essential for trench compaction and keeping your workers safe.


When work demands high-quality solutions: this articulated, radio-controlled, multi-purpose compactor gets to the places where operators can’t go or would rather not go. With the radio remote control, you have everything safely under control. Including your site. With an operating weight of around 1.6 t, this multi-purpose compactor achieves outstanding compaction results on soil compaction in trenches, sewers and on pipeline construction. Unique in compaction technology: The BOMAG ECONOMIZER is integrated into the hood of the BMP 8500, which means it is easy to see and well protected. The unit aids the operator in achieving optimum compaction results and could not be simpler, as there is no need for activation and calibration. The ECONOMIZER automatically determines compaction progress. This allows the operator to identify weak spots in the subsoil continuously and accurately, and to respond appropriately in good time. Expensive reworking is no longer necessary. In addition, unnecessary passes and overcompaction are also avoided which results in time savings of up to 25%.

Length 1879 mm
Unladen Weight 1595 kg
Working Width 850 mm
Vibrating Yes
Width 850 mm
Height 850 mm

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