Bomag BMP 8500 0.85m Trench Compactor

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  • BOMAG BMP 8500 trench compactor, available for hire.

Bomag BMP 8500 0.85m Trench Compactor


Bomag BMP 8500 0.85 metre Multipurpose remote controlled compactor available for hire. Essential for trench compaction and keeping your workers safe.


The BOMAG BMP8500 trench compactor has been designed as a multi-purpose remote control compactor. It achieves outstanding compaction results on trench work, sewers, pipeline construction, backfill, and foundations due to its high-quality design.

Remote trench rammers are the ideal tool for compaction, offering maximal operator safety. This trench rammer has a low operating weight, making transportation super easy. This machine's lightweight and lifting eyes also make it ideal for working in confined spaces. One of the key features of this trench compactor is the BOMAG Economizer, which automatically detects weak spots in the subsoil and will alert the user as soon as the desired compaction level is achieved.

The BMP8500 can be deployed quickly and without the user requiring training, just straight down to action. In addition to this, many site managers don't realise the money they lose from over compaction; with the Economizer you can expect time/cost savings of up to 25%. The BOMAG brand is well known for its innovative and industry-leading trench rammers.

BOMAG's industry-defining German engineering means that this trench compactor also features:

  • BOMAG Economizer (automated compaction)

  • Infrared remote control (suited for more hazardous applications)

  • Flexible working widths

  • Radio Controlled

  • ECO-MODE (save fuel, save costs)

  • Hydrostatic articulated steering

  • Dual directed-vibration system

  • Dual speed gearbox

  • Intelligent vibration control

  • Electric Starter

  • Compact dimensions (brilliant in trenches and other confined areas)

  • Lifting Eyes (easy transportation)

  • Easy-to-use remote controls (doesn't require training)

If you're looking for compactor hire in the North of England (UK), use the enquire now function to the right of this description. One of our compactor hire experts will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you're unsure whether this is the correct trench rammer to hire for your project, we can conduct a quick project audit and provide a recommendation to you within minutes.

Length 1879 mm
Unladen Weight 1595 kg
Working Width 850 mm
Vibrating Yes
Width 850 mm
Height 850 mm

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