Honda WB30XT 3″ Diameter Centrifugal Pump

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Honda WB30XT 3″ Diameter Centrifugal Pump


A premium Volume Water Pump, the WB30XT has been designed with the end user in mind, for whatever application you want to use it in.


The Honda WB30XT centrifugal water pump is the largest of the water pumps in our hire fleet and, as a result, can shift the highest volumes of water. It is perfect for removing water from heavily flooded construction zones, moving water to and from large swimming pools and tanks, or removing flood water from buildings.

This water pump’s defining feature is its ability to move large volumes of water quickly. It can move up to 1100 litres of water per minute and pump up to 138,000 litres on a single tank of fuel. This makes it ideal for jobs where you have greater volumes of water to move and less time to do it.

Also, this machine has superior durability compared to many of its competitors, utilising a cast iron volute and impeller that can operate efficiently even when pumping water with abrasive silts and sand.

Moreover, this water pump utilises a powerful and reliable Honda GX160 petrol engine that features a one-pull recoil start, good fuel economy, low emissions, and low noise output.

Honda water pumps are known for their rugged design and high volume pumping capabilities. That’s why this WB30XT centrifugal water pump features:

  • A high-quality tubular steel frame (to withstand heavy usage)

  • Aluminium pump housing (for lightweight design and portability)

  • Quick-release hose couplers (doesn't require extra tools)

  • The ability to pump 138,000 litres of water on a single tank of fuel

  • 1100 litres per minute pumping capacity

  • One-pull recoil start

  • 4-stroke Honda GX160 petrol engine (low fuel consumption, low emissions, low noise)

  • Rubber engine mounts to reduce vibration

  • Integrated oil alert (for safe and prolonged usage)

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Length 510 mm
Unladen Weight 27 Kg
Fuel Capacity 3.6 Lt
Fuel Type Petrol
Width 385 mm
Height 455 mm

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