Messersi TC95D 0.5 Tonne High Tip Tracked Dumper

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Messersi TC95D 0.5 Tonne High Tip Tracked Dumper


Messersi CH-2 0.5 Tonne high tip dumper available for hire.


The Messersi TC95d is a high-tip tracked dumper, perfect for work in confined areas. This makes it ideal on busy urban construction sites, indoor sites with narrow access-ways, or landscaping projects in space-restricted gardens. 

With its 800 mm width, this mini tracked dumper can fit through most doorways (with the frame not in place) and with its impressive 950 kg max payload, you can remove as much material as possible in as few trips as possible. 

Being a high-tip dumper, it can discharge material directly into skips, speeding up the process and making your work easier; while its tracks can tackle various types of difficult terrain (slopes, mud, sand, etc).

This machine also boasts a 13 horsepower, water-cooled Kubota engine with electric start. Kubota engines are known for their reliability and power, making this tracked barrow a dependable and easy-to-run piece of equipment. On top of this, Messersi have relocated the engine from prior models to enhance stability when unloading.

Finally, it features an advanced hydrostatic transmission, which works similar to an automatic gearbox giving a much smoother delivery of power, more control and boosting manoeuvrability. 

Compact, tracked Messersi dumpers are the standard in the industry that many other brands try hard to replicate. That’s why this TC95d has industry-leading features:

  • An impressive 950 kg max payload

  • Small 800 mm width (great for tight access-ways)

  • A powerful and reliable Kubota engine (water-cooled with electric start)

  • Enhanced stability (enhanced safety when unloading)

  • Reinforced and angled idler

  • Superior hydrostatic transmission

  • 2-speed travel

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Length 2224 mm
Unladen Weight 630 kg
Width 800 mm
Height 1270 mm
Payload 950 kg
Power 13 bhp

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