Volvo EC15D Mini Excavator

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  • Volvo EC15D 1.5 Tonne Excavator for hire

Volvo EC15D Mini Excavator


Volvo EC15D available for hire for landscaping, small building sites or gardening. Ease your travelling woes as this mini will fit in a trailer!


If space and time is tight, the Volvo EC15D would save you time and money on site. With compactness and travel ability in mind, this mini digger can fit in the back of a road trailer and be towed behind a car. Lift weight with ease, for weight limits download the specification. You can take this mini: landscaping, to your small building site or gardening. Digging deep or dumping high, feel safe while you do it with a strong cab construction for visibility all around and extendable tracks for added stability.

Length 3580 mm
Unladen Weight 1640 kg
Hydraulic Flow 34 L/m
Digging Depth 2354 mm
Housing Canopy
Width 993 mm

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