Volvo ECR50D Reduced Tail Swing Compact Excavator

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  • Volvo ECR50D 5 Tonne excavator for hire.

Volvo ECR50D Reduced Tail Swing Compact Excavator


Volvo ECR50D digger available for hire for your medium to large site, whether building, demolishing, landscaping or quarrying.


Reach further, dig deeper and load higher with this 5 tonne compact digger for hire. Advanced economical functions reduce emissions and promote efficiency. You can use this excavator for nearly anything with Chippindale’s vast attachment range. All machines are fitted with double acting hydraulics. Use this excavator for lifting, with check valves on the rams, for lifting limits check the specification sheet pdf. Worry less about catching the hydraulic lines as Volvo has them inside the boom. Operators are surrounded by glass, meaning they can see any hazards, increasing safety, they’ll be warm and entertained with the heater and radio ensuring they are at they’re most productive.

Length 5226 mm
Unladen Weight 5010 Kg
Hydraulic Flow 103 L/m
Digging Depth 3659 mm
Housing Cab
Width 1920 mm

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