Volvo ECR50D Reduced Tail Swing Compact Excavator

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  • Volvo ECR50D 5 Tonne excavator for hire.

Volvo ECR50D Reduced Tail Swing Compact Excavator


Volvo ECR50D digger available for hire for your medium to large site, whether building, demolishing, landscaping or quarrying.


The Volvo ECR50D is a 5 tonne compact excavator with zero tail swing, that has been designed to deliver impressive digging performance with its high lifting capabilities and class-leading breakout and tear our forces. This mini digger is ideal to work on a large range of jobs, including small to medium construction sites, utilities, landscaping and site preparation.

The new addition with the ECR50D over previous models is the enhanced boom, which enables more stability, balance and control when digging not to mention power. These additions have been proven to increase cycle times and improve productivity to levels higher than other brands, making it a go-to excavator for a wide range of projects.

It also features an automatic two-speed system which maximises speed and smooth travel by shifting dependent on the weight of the load and current incline level. Operators will be pleased due to a spacious and comfortable cab, offering clear visibility from all sides along with heating, air conditioning and suspension seating; this mini digger is built for comfort.

If you're looking to hire a 5 ton excavator we would confidently recommend the Volvo ECR50D. We can also specialise this digger for your exact job, to ensure you get the most out of your hire.

Other features on this machine include:

  • Spacious & safe cab (comfort & visibility)

  • Patented ECO mode (Press to lower fuel costs by 10%)

  • Slew & Offset Movements (easy repositioning)

  • Patented Filter System

  • Premium build quality (plant hire ready)

  • Auto-idle system (auto engine shutdown for reduced fuel costs)

  • Excellent stability & class-leading lifting capabilities (performance)

  • Hydraulic system allows for use with attachments

  • Intuitive controls (precise digging)

  • Long reach boom addition (max digging depth)

  • Two speed system (fast on the ground)

Length 5226 mm
Unladen Weight 5010 Kg
Hydraulic Flow 103 L/m
Digging Depth 3659 mm
Housing Cab
Width 1920 mm

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