Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

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  • Stihl long reach hedge trimmer

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

£48.00 Per Day

Keep your hedge under control with long reach hedge trimmers, quicker and more fun than cutting the hedge by hand.


Our long reach hedge trimmers (also known as pole hedge trimmers) can reach and precisely finish the tops of hedges while also being suited for work closer to the ground. They are ideal for both landscapers and contractors as well as for personal use.

Their durable and sharp blades can efficiently cut through branches of thick hedges, allowing operators to complete difficult trimming and shaping jobs much faster. They are also lightweight, manoeuvrable, and well-balanced, making them easy to control and ensuring maximum precision and accuracy.

Altogether, these long reach hedge trimmers feature:

  • Sharp double-sided cutting blades

  • Light and well-balanced design

  • Low vibration (reduced operator fatigue)

  • Adjustable pole (removes the need for ladders or other access equipment)

If you're looking for long reach hedge trimmer hire in the North of England (UK), use the enquire now function next to this description. One of our tool hire experts will contact you as soon as possible.

If you're unsure whether this is the correct hedge trimmer to hire, we can conduct a project audit and provide a recommendation to you within minutes.


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