Excavator Flail Mulchers Added to Hire Fleet

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Excavator Flail Mulchers Added to Hire Fleet

Chippindale Plant / October 2020

After completing a deal with premium manufacturer Cangini we are pleased to announce we've further expanded our Excavator Attachments division by adding a range of market-leading excavator mulchers, also known as excavator flail mowers.

The deal was completed by our resident attachments expert and manager Stevie Mosson who has hand-selected these excavator mulchers for their reliability and effectiveness; we feel these fit well into our plant hire fleet due to their excellent build quality and long-standing record within the forestry industry.

To dive into the product details, an excavator mulcher is a heavy duty mower/mulcher that fits to an excavator head bracket allowing almost any digger to convert into a machine that can be used for site clearance, tree removal, hedge trimming, brushwood clearance and more. These attachments can get through almost anything and do it with paramount safety; this is something Stevie paid special attention to when we were conducting our product testing.

One of the main advantages of an excavator mounted flail mulcher to a traditional tow behind tractor flail mower is its ability to work at a variety of angles and from height, allowing easy maintenance of roadside hedging/hedgerows, embankments, drainage ditching, tree removal, mulching and more. If you may benefit from these quick to fit, low-cost attachments let us know through an enquiry and the team will happily demonstrate how hiring this flail mower may benefit your project.

"We are excited to welcome these excavator flail attachments to the plant hire fleet as it will allow us to better serve our customers in forestry and landscaping sectors, with a premium level product that is rarely seen within the UK market and we're confident it will provide long-lasting reliable results for our customers" Stevie Mosson, Attachments Manager Chippindale Plant.

If you are interested in excavator mulcher hire or you work in forestry/landscaping and you would like to know more about how excavator attachments might be able to improve efficiency and reduce costs on your day-to-day operations then please get in touch


Clear vegetation, brushwood and remove tree's with ease using our premium heavy duty Cangini excavator mulchers (also known as Flail Mowers). Available in three sizes for excavators between 3 and 20 tons. Ideal for forestry, landscaping, site clearance and land management work. These Cangini excavator mulchers have been included in our plant hire fleet due to their high efficiency and safety-conscious design, allowing you to just focus on getting the job done. Our attachment hire depots are located across the North of the UK including Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield so you’re never far away. Just press enquire now for a quick quote or chat to the team on 0113 263 2344.

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