£2m+ Chippindale Plant Fleet Expansion

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£2m+ Chippindale Plant Fleet Expansion

Chippindale Plant / September 2021

After the post-lockdown bounce back for the U.K. construction sector and the ever-increasing demand, we have decided to invest in a fleet expansion, enabling us to meet the soaring demand and enhance our overall service.

This means that 73 new pieces of kit will be added to the fleet including excavators, telehandlers, dumpers, rollers, and plant cabins.

Financing this expansion is a £2.2m CBILS asset finance agreement from Lloyds Bank – a coronavirus business interruption loan scheme, which helped reduced risk and gave us the confidence to invest.

And we are in a great position to be taking advantage of this, allowing us to plug the gap created by the rise in demand for plant machinery, and getting more of the right equipment to the right people in the fastest time.


So what exact kit are we investing in?








Plant Cabins

  • 10 x Plant Safe Cabins


If you’re interested in hiring any of these, click on the links and you’ll be taken to their individual pages where you can get in contact with us.

Not all of this new hire kit will be available right away, but make sure to keep your eye out on the site and across our social media pages for more updates as to when the new kit arrives.

On top of the fleet expansion, we are also investing in expanding the business digitally. This involves the development of a new eCommerce website and a new smartphone app.

As the country recovers from the first wave of the pandemic, we knew that the U.K. construction industry would rebound and we wanted to be at the vanguard of that.

With a new and expanded fleet, we can offer some highly productive pieces of equipment quickly with fewer availability issues due to sky-rocketing demand. This is our way of helping companies and people who have been finding it difficult to get the right piece of equipment they need for their project.

Continually improving our service is of high priority for us; and ensuring that we have a large, modern, and productive fleet to meet and exceed current demands will allow us to drive further growth in the U.K. construction industry.

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